File Management System (FMS)

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The File Management System (FMS) allows you to send files of virtually unlimited size, without filling up your mailbox capacity or that of the recipient with the actual file itself. 

FMS uploads the file you choose to a secure server computer.  It then sends a unique Web link (URL) in an email message to the recipient(s) you designate.  When a recipient clicks on the link, the file is downloaded to the destination selected (PC hard drive or removable storage media).


FMS is available to anyone with a Medical ID.  If you routinely work with an outside party that needs to send you large files, please contact the Help Desk to arrange for access.


See File Management System: Instructions.


Contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Additional considerations

FMS should generally not be used as a means of sending sensitive files.  While the file transfers themselves are encrypted, email messages containing download links are sent unencrypted.  And anyone who has the link can download the file.

System administration 

FMS is managed by Information Technology.