Outlook EmailEmail Archiving for Medical Campus Email
Find out how the new Email Archiving system helps with performance and space in Medical school email accounts.  Click for more content
Dell PC'sMindLeaders Online Software Training Courses
MindLeaders Online Courses are available to Medical School employees. These courses cover training for popular Microsoft programs. Click for more content
Force Encryption in Email by entering [secure] in the subject lineEncrypted Email on the Medical Campus
Some email messages to recipients outside of the University are now encrypted. Get the details on what gets encrypted. Click for more content
JunkRecycling your old computers and media
Find out how to recycle your old computers and media. Click for more content
"Locked" down laptopRequired encryption for portable computers
Encryption required on new laptops purchased by medical campus departments.  Click for more content
McAfee logoMcAfee VirusScan
Medical IT provides free McAfee VirusScan software for work use. Click for more content
citrixCitrix for Remote Access to Med Campus Apps
Use Citrix to run Medical campus applications from your browser. Click for more content
No SpamMedical IT's spam filtering system and reports 
Tired of spam? Learn how you can keep your Inbox under control with Medical IT's spam filtering system and reports. Click for more content
Use Securesend to transfer large files to email recipients. Click for more content
1962 "Picturephone" at Bell LabsWebMeeting for easy web conferencing
Windows and Mac users can hold meetings on the Web with this new application.Click for more content
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